Welcome and greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! 

 The historic Good Shepherd Church is a Christian community that gathers together week by week to know and make known the grace of God, which comes to believers through Jesus Christ. All that we do and all that we are is empowered by the grace of God that is given to us through the sacrament at the altar. We enjoy a diverse, vital and close-knit parish family – young, old, rich, poor, of various ethnic origins and differing backgrounds.

 Since it’s beginning in 1908, Good Shepherd has been the center for ministry in Tryon. For almost 100 years, we have been a faithful body of God’s people who have sought to build up the kingdom of God through the love of Jesus Christ and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. That faithful body is exactly what makes Good Shepherd such an energetic place to worship. We are a people that are mindful of our past, grateful for our present, and excited about our future. Through worship, outreach, education and fun, we are dedicated to our mission.

 We are honored that you have chosen to spend time with us and visit our website. We pray that the time spent with us will be uplifting and a source of encouragement to you.

      If you have any questions, please contact us. We hope and pray that you will return to visit us on the website and in person at church.

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